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North Atlantic Cooling (Nature):

Abrupt cooling over the North Atlantic in modern climate models

AGU Colorado River Study:

The 21st century Colorado River hot drought and implications for the future

UN Dispatch:

Here’s How US Allies Are Trying to Convince Trump To Take Climate Change Seriously

TIME Magazine:

David Suzuki:

Understanding climate beyond headlines

PNAS Precipitation Study:

Global warming precipitation accumulation increases above the current-climate cutoff scale

National Geographic:

Who's Still Fighting Climate Change? The U.S. Military

Yes! Magazine:

To My Fellow Climate Scientists: Be Human, Be Brave, Tell the Truth        

Coral Study (Nature):

Effects of ocean acidification on the potency of macroalgal allelopathy to a common coral

Low-Carbon Tech Report:

Expect the Unexpected: The Disruptive Power of Low-carbon Technology