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Achieving Decarbonization (Science):

Net-zero emissions energy systems

Warming Impact on Bees (Functional Ecology):

Experimental warming in the field delays phenology and reduces body mass, fat content and survival: Implications for the persistence of a pollinator under climate change

Communicating an "Energy Democracy" Transition (Frontiers):

Shared Yet Contested: Energy Democracy Counter-Narratives

Albatross Sensitivity to Warming Climate (J. of Animal Ecology):

Climate change and functional traits affect population dynamics of a long‐lived seabird

Norwegian Arctic Study ~ Rapid Climate Shift (Nature):

Arctic Warming Hotspot in the Northern Barents Sea Linked to Declining Sea-Ice Import

Climate Policy Commentary (Nature):

Higher CO2 concentrations increase extreme event risk in a 1.5 °C world

Risking Global Biodiversity ~ Climate & Land Use Change (Royal Society):

Future effects of climate and land-use change on terrestrial vertebrate community diversity under different scenarios

Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe Report ~ Emissions Ranking:

Off Target: Ranking of EU Countries' Ambition & Progress in Fighting Climate Change

AP Reports Rising Cases of US Algae Bloom:

Oregon water scare: Algae blooms happening more often

EU Report ~ Global Desertification:

WAD ~ World Atlas of Desertification; download from this webpage

Escalating US Methane Emissions (Science):

Assessment of methane emissions from the U.S. oil and gas supply chain

Monitoring Shifts in Wildlife Migration (Science Advances):

Eavesdropping on the Arctic: Automated bioacoustics reveal dynamics in songbird breeding phenology

Growing Storm Activity in Europe (Earth System Dynamics):

Euro-Atlantic Winter Storminess & Precipitation Extremes Under 1.5°C vs. 2°C Warming Scenarios

Our Energy Investment Needs (Nature):

Energy Investment Needs for Fulfilling the Paris Agreement & Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

UCS Analysis & Searchable Database ~ US Communities Threatened by Sea Level Rise:

US Coastal Property at Risk From Rising Seas

Ice Shelf Destabilization (Science):

Basal channels drive active surface hydrology and transverse ice shelf fracture

Declining Levels of Oxygen in Warming Oceans (Nature):

Drivers and mechanisms of ocean deoxygenation

Coral Reefs = Coastal Protection (Nature):

The global flood protection savings provided by coral reefs

Land Ice & Sea Level Rise (ERL):

The land ice contribution to sea level during the satellite era

Sea-Level Rise & Movement of US Human Populations (Nature):

Migration Induced by Sea-Level Rise Could Reshape the US Population Landscape

Guardian Column ~ WSJ Attacks on Climate Science:

The Wall Street Journal Keeps Peddling Big Oil Propaganda

My 2006 comments on this topic 

Death of African Baobab Trees (Nature):

The Demise of the Largest and Oldest African Baobabs

WaPo: Africa's Most Famous Trees are Collapsing, and Scientists Suspect a Changing Climate

Climate Economics (WIREs Climate Change):

Overcoming public resistance to carbon taxes

Cooperating on Mitigation (Climatic Change):

Does risk communication really decrease cooperation in climate change mitigation?

UK Report ~ Pacific Island Region Impacts:

Pacific Marine Climate Change Report Card 2018

Slower Moving Storms (Nature):

A Global Slowdown of Tropical-Cyclone Translation Speed

WaPo: Hurricanes are moving more slowly — which makes them even more dangerous

Direct Air Capture of CO2 (Joule):

A Process for Capturing CO2 from the Atmosphere

European Study ~ Mitigation Via A Circular Economy:

The Circular Economy: A Powerful Force for Climate Mitigation (176 pg)

Greater Accuracy on Climate Stabilisation under Paris Accord (Nature):

A Solution to the Misrepresentations of CO2-Equivalent Emissions of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants Under Ambitious Mitigation

NOAA Report ~ US High Tide Flooding:

2017 State of U.S. High Tide Flooding with a 2018 Outlook

Kelp Forests & the Carbon Cycle (Global Change Biology):

Carbon Assimilation & Transfer Through Kelp Forests in the NE Atlantic is Diminished Under a Warmer Ocean Climate

Increasing US Wildfires (Fire Journal):

Switching On the Big Burn of 2017

Global Carbon Consumption Hotspots (ERL):

Carbon Footprints of 13,000 Cities

Climate Economics & Improving the Next IPCC Report (Review of Environmental Economics & Policy):

Recommendations for Improving the Treatment of Risk and Uncertainty in Economic Estimates of Climate Impacts in the 6th IPCC Assessment Report

Economic Winners & Losers in Global Low-Carbon Transition (Nature):

Macroeconomic Impact of Stranded Fossil Fuel Assets

North American Tree Die-Offs (ERL):

Continental-Scale Consequences of Tree Die-Offs in North America: Identifying Where Forest Loss Matters Most