Localized Climate Reporting by US weathercasters (AMS):

Localized Climate Reporting by TV Weathercasters Enhances Public Understanding of Climate Change as a Local Problem: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Experiment

US Superfund Sites & Flooding (UCS Report):

A Toxic Relationship: Extreme Coastal Flooding and Superfund Sites

Review > Int'l Climate Perceptions (WIREs):

The nature, significance, and influence of perceived personal experience of climate change

Invasive Crab Case Study (Ecography):

Exploring larval phenology as predictor for range expansion in an invasive species

Arctic Permafrost Tipping Point (Nature):

Differential impact of thermal & physical permafrost disturbances on High Arctic dissolved & particulate fluvial fluxes

UK Climate Projections (J of Climate):

Greater Future UK Winter Precipitation Increase in New Convection-Permitting Scenarios

Future Global Heat Stress (Climatic Change):

More perceived but not faster evolution of heat stress than temperature extremes in the future

Arctic Sea Ice Decline (J of Climate):

Impacts of Oceanic and Atmospheric Heat Transports on Sea Ice Extent

On Declaring a Global Climate Emergency (Financial Times Commentary):

Why we need to declare a global climate emergency now by Climate Expert Dr. Johan Rockström

Yellow Fever in Africa (eLife):

The effect of climate change on yellow fever disease burden in Africa

Impacts on Soil Microarthropods (eLife):

Climate change & intensive land use reduce soil animal biomass via dissimilar pathways

Mojave Desert Shrubs (PNAS):

Multidecadal records of intrinsic water-use efficiency in the desert shrub Encelia farinosa reveal strong responses to climate change

Global Tropical Deforestation (ERL):

Large scale tropical deforestation drives extreme warming

Deforestation, Wildlife Trade & Pandemics (Science Commentary):

Ecology & economics for pandemic prevention

36 Solutions to halve emissions by 2030 (Expert Report):

Exponential Roadmap: Scaling 36 solutions to halve emissions by 2030 (download, 178 pg)

Growing Arctic Coastline Wave Hazards (JGR Oceans):

Projections of extreme ocean waves in the Arctic & potential implications for coastal inundation & erosion

Climate & Organized Armed Conflict (Earth's Future):

Directions for Research on Climate and Conflict

Caribou Survival (Global Ecology & Conserv):

Boreal caribou survival in a warming climate, Labrador, Canada 1996–2014

Policy Delay & Deadlock (Global Sustainability):

Discourses of climate delay

Understanding Climate Attribution (AMS):

A Simple Strategy to Communicate about Climate Attribution

German Weather Literacy (AMS):

Weather Literacy in Times of Climate Change

Global Livestock Nitrogen Emissions (Nature):

Nitrogen emissions along global livestock supply chains

Extreme Humid Heat (Science):

The emergence of heat & humidity too severe for human tolerance

Growing Beaver Dams in Arctic Tundra & the Surface Implications (ERL):

Increase in beaver dams controls surface water and thermokarst dynamics in an Arctic tundra region, Baldwin Peninsula, northwestern Alaska

Increasing UK Extreme Heat (Nature):

The increasing likelihood of temperatures above 30 to 40 °C in the United Kingdom

US River Basin Flooding (Nature):

Floodplain inundation spectrum across the US

Texas Drought Projections (Earth's Future):

Unprecedented drought challenges for Texas water resources in a changing climate: what do researchers & stakeholders need to know? (57 pg)

Adélie Penguin Habitat (Science):

Foraging behavior links sea ice to breeding success in Antarctic penguins

China > Summer Heat Waves (ERL):

More frequent summer heat waves in southwestern China linked to the recent declining of Arctic sea ice

Adaptation Case Study > Paris AC Use (ERL):

Early adaptation to heat waves & future reduction of air-conditioning energy use in Paris

Geopolitics of Hydrogen (Energy Research & Soc. Science):

The new oil? The geopolitics & international governance of hydrogen