Northward Shift of Himalayan Orchards (PLOS):

Why apple orchards are shifting to the higher altitudes of the Himalayas?

Planting Trees > Constraints on Benefits (Global Change Biology):

Tree planting in organic soils does not result in net carbon sequestration on decadal timescales

Global Tropical Expansion (JGR):

Tropical Expansion Driven by Poleward Advancing Midlatitude Meridional Temperature Gradients

Trends in Seasonal CO2 Amplification (PNAS):

Siberian & temperate ecosystems shape Northern Hemisphere atmospheric CO2 seasonal amplification

Africa & Europe > Migratory Birds (Diversity & Distributions):

Disentangling the relative roles of climate & land cover change in driving the long‐term population trends of European migratory birds

Fossil Fuel Divestment = No Financial Harm (Climate Policy):

The financial impact of fossil fuel divestment

Global Sea Levels > Coastal Risks (Nature):

Increase in sea level variability with ocean warming associated with the nonlinear thermal expansion of seawater

Greenland > High Melt Rates (Nature):

Return to rapid ice loss in Greenland & record loss in 2019 detected by the GRACE-FO satellites