Heartland Institute Exposed:

Some are calling this incident "Denier-gate. "The Heartland Institute has long had a reputation of spreading climate misinformation. DeSmogBlog is a well established blog with a stated mission "to clear the PR pollution that is clouding the science on climate change." DeSmogBlog posted this article along with PDFs of the "leaked" documents: "Heartland Institute Exposed: Internal Documents Unmask Heart of Climate Denial Machine"

Myths from Michaels:

In yet another response to the infamous Wall Street Journal piece, "No Need to Panic about Global Warming," Forbes.com has published the delusions of legendary climate crank (and regular Forbes contributor) Patrick Michaels: "What Happens When You Rub Two Climatologists Together?" For background on Patrick Michaels, see:
 DeSmogBlog.com: "Disinformation Database - Patrick Michaels"
 ExxonSecrets.org: "Factsheet: Patrick J. Michaels"
     PRWatch: "The Cato Institute's Generous Funding of Patrick Michaels"
 Climate Science Watch: "Pat Michaels, Virginia 'State Climatologist?' A critical perspective on the issues"