Net Zero Policies (Frontiers):

Governing Net Zero Carbon Removals to Avoid Entrenching Inequities

Canada > Mitigation (Science):

Natural climate solutions for Canada

US > Increasing Wildfires (Science of the Total Enviro):

Robust projections of future fire probability for the conterminous US

Global Land Use (Nature):

Global land use changes are four times greater than previously estimated

Protecting Plant Health (FAO Report):

Scientific review of the impact of climate change on plant pests (88 pg)

Global Lake Temps (Nature):

Climate change drives widespread shifts in lake thermal habitat

South Asian Summer Monsoon (Science):

Remote & local drivers of Pleistocene South Asian summer monsoon precipitation: A test for future predictions

Middle East & North Africa > Water Availability (Climatic Change):

Evapotranspiration & water availability response to climate change in the Middle East & North Africa