Global Forest Analysis (WRI Living Online Report):

 Global Forest Review

Adaptation > Floating Gardens (JAFE):

Floating gardening in coastal Bangladesh: Evidence of sustainable farming for food security under climate change

Melting Arctic Ice & Contaminant Exposure by Top Predators (Current Biology):

Analysis of narwhal tusks reveals lifelong feeding ecology & mercury exposure

Changing Tropical Tree Species (ERL):

Trees at the Amazonia-Cerrado transition are approaching high temperature thresholds

Who are the Frequent Flyers? (Nonprofit Report):

Elite Status: Global Inequalities in Flying (54 pg)

Resiliency of Restored Forests (Frontiers):

Initial Investment in Diversity Is the Efficient Thing to Do for Resilient Forest Landscape Restoration

All the Tea in China (ERL):

Effects of extreme temperature on China's tea production

Colombian Amazon Deforestation (Forest Policy & Economics):

Post-conflict transition & REDD+ in Colombia: Challenges to reducing deforestation in the Amazon

Urban Trees > Sustainable Mgmt (Trees):

Towards sustainable management of the stock & ecosystem services of urban trees. From theory to model & application

China's Inland Waters > CO2 Emissions (Nature):

Substantial decrease in CO2 emissions from Chinese inland waters due to global change

Brazilian Amazon Deforestation & Malaria (Nature):

Malaria transmission in landscapes with varying deforestation levels & timelines in the Amazon: a longitudinal spatiotemporal study

China > Wildfire (Nature):

ENSO modulates wildfire activity in China

Brazilian Amazon > Secondary Forests (Nature):

Large carbon sink potential of secondary forests in the Brazilian Amazon to mitigate climate change

Kenya > Dengue Fever (PLOS):

Impact of recent climate extremes on mosquito-borne disease transmission in Kenya

Antarctic Fjords > Sea Squirts (Ecological Indicators):

Patterns, drivers & implications of ascidian distributions in a rapidly deglaciating fjord, King George Island, West Antarctic Peninsula

US & German Voter Interest (One Earth):

Emphasizing urgency of climate change is insufficient to increase policy support

US Temp & Precip Spring Forecast (NOAA):

Spring Outlook: Drought to persist, expand in US West & High Plains

California's Marine Heatwaves (Nature):

Large-scale shift in the structure of a kelp forest ecosystem co-occurs with an epizootic & marine heatwave