Predicting Ocean Acidification (Nature):

Skillful multiyear predictions of ocean acidification in the California Current System

Canada’s Marine Ecosystems (Facets):

Differing marine animal biomass shifts under 21st century climate change between Canada’s three oceans

Global Drought‐Wet Spell Seesaw (GRL):

Lagged compound occurrence of droughts & pluvials globally over the past seven decades

Risk Perception in 3 Southern African Cities (Climate Risk Mgmt):

Learning from climate change perceptions in southern African cities

Water Security in Chile (Climate Risk Mgmt):

A stress test for climate change impacts on water security: A CRIDA case study

Vietnam & Kenya Farmer Case Studies (Climate Risk Mgmt):

Vulnerability assessment of households to flash floods & landslides in the poor upland regions of Vietnam

Understanding adaptive capacity of smallholder African indigenous vegetable farmers to climate change in Kenya

Heat Wave Case Study > Bangladesh (Climate Risk Mgmt):

Targeted model evaluations for climate services: A case study on heat waves in Bangladesh

US Coastline Flooding > Virginia Beach, VA and Tampa, FL (Climate Risk Mgmt):

Modeling coastal flood risk & adaptation response under future climate conditions

Identity Shift for Bergen, Norway (Climate Risk Mgmt):

Portrait of a climate city: How climate change is emerging as a risk in Bergen, Norway