Estimating Economic Costs (Nature):

Temperature variability implies greater economic damages from climate change

Global HFC Emissions (Atmos Chem Phys)

Electricity savings & greenhouse gas emission reductions from global phase-down of hydrofluorocarbons

California Water Mgmt (Climatic Change):

Inter-model agreement on projected shifts in California hydroclimate characteristics critical to water management

Hydroclimatic Variability Over the Americas (ERL):

Pan American interactions of Amazon precipitation, streamflow, & tree growth extremes

Africa's Inland Fisheries (Science):

Solar irradiance & ENSO affect food security in Lake Tanganyika, a major African inland fishery

Permafrost Projections (ERL):

High potential for loss of permafrost landforms in a changing climate

Glacier Meltwater Lakes (GRL):

Proglacial Lakes Control Glacier Geometry & Behavior During Recession

Peatland Conservation (ERL):

Peatland protection & restoration are key for climate change mitigation

Meeting Global Biodiversity Goals (Nature Review):

Area-based conservation in the twenty-first century