California's Nut Crops (Science of the Total Enviro):

Impact of climate change on navel orangeworm, a major pest of tree nuts in California

Lombardy, Italy > Animal Protein Diets (Science of the Total Enviro):

Co-benefits of changing diet. A modelling assessment at the regional scale integrating social acceptability, environmental & health impacts

Benefits of Green Roofs (Science of the Total Enviro):

The role of green roofs in urban Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem nexus: A review

UK Bird Report (RSPB):

 The State of the UK's Birds Report 2020 (download 41 pg)

Arctic Submarine Gas Emissions (Nature):

Impact of tides & sea-level on deep-sea Arctic methane emissions

Global Development & Decarbonization (ERL):

Balancing climate & development goals

Impacts > Dolphin Skin Disease (Nature):

Fresh water skin disease in dolphins: a case definition based on pathology and environmental factors in Australia

Brazilian Seasonal Forests > Carbon Dynamics (Science):

The carbon sink of tropical seasonal forests in southeastern Brazil can be under threat

UK Home Wood/Coal Stoves (Atmosphere):

Indoor Air Pollution from Residential Stoves: Examining the Flooding of Particulate Matter into Homes during Real-World Use

UN Emissions Report:

Emissions Gap Report 2020 (download 128 pg)

Marine Megafauna Death by Plastic (Conservation Ltrs):

Plastic pollution is killing marine megafauna, but how do we prioritize policies to reduce mortality?

S. Korea > Surface Ozone & Weather (Atmos Enviro):

Synoptic weather & surface ozone concentration in South Korea

Planning for Ocean Changes (Science):

Ocean planning for species on the move provides substantial benefits & requires few trade-offs

Global Gender Equality (Nature):

Overcoming gender inequality for climate resilient development

New Book > Planetary Health - protecting nature to protect ourselves:

Review:  The Lancet

Book Details: Island Press

Sweden > Bioenergy with Carbon Capture & Storage (Frontiers):

Mapping Multi-Level Policy Incentives for Bioenergy With Carbon Capture & Storage in Sweden

Germany > True Costs of Food (Nature):

Calculation of external climate costs for food highlights inadequate pricing of animal products

Greenland Ice Sheet Runoff (Nature):

Greater Greenland Ice Sheet contribution to global sea level rise in CMIP6

US Pathways to Mid-Century “Net Zero” (Princeton Report):

 Net-Zero America: Potential Pathways, Infrastructure, & Impacts (download 345 pg)