Vulnerable Lobster (Ecology & Evolution):

American lobster postlarvae alter gene regulation in response to ocean warming & acidification

Sceptic Counterclaims (Climatic Change):

Climate change—that is not real! A comparative analysis of climate-sceptic think tanks in the USA & Germany

Deniers & their Credentials (Tellus Analysis):

Evaluating the scientific credentials of the supporters of public petitions denying anthropogenic climate change

UK > Engaging Narratives (Climatic Change):

Assembling a coalition of climate change narratives on UK climate action: a focus on the city, countryside, community & home

East African Risk Perceptions (Risk Analysis):

Understanding the Links Between Climate Change Risk Perceptions & the Action Response to Inform Climate Services Interventions

Expert Public Engagement (ERL):

Majority of German citizens, US citizens & climate scientists support policy advocacy by climate researchers & expect greater political engagement

Educational Film from Danish Climate Expert:

Climate Planet Film

Community Forests (ERL Review):

The impacts of REDD+ on the social-ecological resilience of community forests

Impacts to Large Freshwater Lakes (Water):

Carbon Fixation Trends in Eleven of the World’s Largest Lakes: 2003–2018

The Sahel > Changing Rains (ERL):

Is wetter better? Exploring agriculturally-relevant rainfall characteristics over four decades in the Sahel

UK > Fishers’ Risk Perceptions (Climate Risk Mgmt):

Scepticism & perceived self-efficacy influence fishers’ low risk perceptions of climate change

Rapidly Changing Southern Ocean (Nature):

Southern Ocean in-situ temperature trends over 25 years emerge from interannual variability

Ocean-Based Solutions (Nonprofit Report):

Enhancing Nationally Determined Contributions: Opportunities for Ocean-Based Climate Action (44 pg)

Risk to World's Airports (Climate Risk Mgmt):

Global analysis of sea level rise risk to airports

2020 > Climate Studies with Legs (Carbon Brief):

Analysis: The climate papers most featured in the media in 2020

CO2 Removal (Nature):

Emergency deployment of direct air capture as a response to the climate crisis

Warming NW Pacific Ocean (GRL):

The Northwestern Pacific Warming Record in August 2020 Occurred Under Anthropogenic Forcing

Arctic Sea Ice Decline (ERL):

Summer Arctic sea ice decline during 1850-2017 & the amplified Arctic warming during the recent decades

Youth Action Movements (Sustainability):

Social Identity & Risk Perception Explain Participation in the Swiss Youth Climate Strikes

Sustainable Arctic Tourism (Sustainability):

The Role of Public Participation for Determining Sustainability Indicators for Arctic Tourism

Press Coverage > Canada & US Indigenous Enviro Issues (J of Environmental Education):

Indigenous environmental media coverage in Canada and the United States: a comparative critical discourse analysis

Tim Lenton Interview > Tipping Points (Mongabay):

We’re approaching critical climate tipping points: Q&A with Tim Lenton

UK Heatwaves (ERL):

Evaluating heat extremes in the UK Climate Projections (UKCP18)

California's Water & Electricity Resources (ERL):

Evaluating cross-sectoral impacts of climate change & adaptations on the energy-water nexus: a framework & California case study

COVID‐19 Emissions (GRL):

Climate Impacts of COVID‐19 Induced Emission Changes

Sea Star Susceptibility (Frontiers):

Evidence That Microorganisms at the Animal-Water Interface Drive Sea Star Wasting Disease

Changing Arctic Ice Pack (Nature):

Anomalous collapses of Nares Strait ice arches leads to enhanced export of Arctic sea ice

Scottish Divestment Campaigns (J of Enviro Studies & Sciences):

Investing in climate solutions? An exploration of the discursive power & materiality of fossil fuel divestment campaigns in Scotland

UK Newspapers > Analysis of Reader Comments (Public Understanding of Science):

Talk like an expert: The construction of expertise in news comments concerning climate change

Industry Disinformation from 1980 (Enviro Politics Brief):

Early oil industry disinformation on global warming

Action-Based Communication (ERL):

Transforming the stories we tell about climate change: from 'issue' to 'action'