US > Enviro Justice (Geoforum):

The (in)visible victims of disaster: Understanding the vulnerability of undocumented Latino/a & indigenous immigrants

Washington State Gov Inslee Schools Trump on Wildfires:

Open letter to President Donald Trump on the role of climate change in historic wildfires

Scotland Study > Threat to Marine Ecosystems (Frontiers):

Species Distribution Modeling Predicts Significant Declines in Coralline Algae Populations Under Projected Climate Change With Implications for Conservation Policy

Quaking Aspen in Colorado Rockies (Ecosystem Services):

Climate change disproportionately affects visual quality of cultural ecosystem services in a mountain region

Arizona > Mitigating Severity of Fire (Frontiers):

Projected Climate-Fire Interactions Drive Forest to Shrubland Transition on an Arizona Sky Island

Protecting Linkages Between Species > Southeastern US Case Study (Biological Conservation):

Preserving connectivity under climate & land-use change: No one-size-fits-all approach for focal species in similar habitats

Colorado > Public Land Adaptation (Enviro Mgmt):

Navigating Climate Adaptation on Public Lands: How Views on Ecosystem Change & Scale Interact with Management Approaches

Evaluating Adaptive Capacity of Species (Frontiers):

Persist in place or shift in space? Evaluating the adaptive capacity of species to climate change

Mitigation Via Biofuels (PNAS):

Robust paths to net greenhouse gas mitigation & negative emissions via advanced biofuels

Racial Inequalities to Hazards > Houston Case Study (ERL):

Social inequalities in flooding inside & outside of floodplains during Hurricane Harvey

Global Changes to Precipitation (ERL):

Global aridity changes due to differences in surface energy & water balance between 1.5 °C and 2 °C warming

Amazon Deforestation > Case Studies of Municipal-Level Efforts (Frontiers):

Lessons for Jurisdictional Approaches From Municipal-Level Initiatives to Halt Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon

Worldwide Mangrove Degradation & Deforestation (Global Change Biology):

Global declines in human‐driven mangrove loss

Falklands Report > Peatland Restoration:

A Scoping Study for Potential Community-Based Carbon Offsetting Schemes in the Falkland Islands (55 pg)

Global > Nature‐Based Interventions (Global Change Biology):

Mapping the effectiveness of nature‐based solutions for climate change adaptation

Africa > Malaria Projections (Nature):

Incorporating hydrology into climate suitability models changes projections of malaria transmission in Africa

NOAA > August 2020 Summary:

Assessing the US Climate in August 2020

Fragmented River Ecosystems (Global Change Biology):

The role of connectivity in the interplay between climate change & the spread of alien fish in a large Mediterranean river