Increasing UK Heatwaves (GRL):

Warming trends in summer heatwaves

Polar Marine Fauna Survival (Frontiers):

Predicting Which Species Succeed in Climate-Forced Polar Seas

Climate Education from Weathercasters (AMS):

Local TV news viewer reactions to weathercasters reporting the local impacts of climate change

Negative Emotions in Climate Dialogue ~ US Case Study (Frontiers):

“Be Worried, be VERY Worried:” Preferences for and Impacts of Negative Emotional Climate Change Communication

Another Disappointing Year of US Sunday Climate News (Media Matters):

Sunday show coverage of climate change in 2018 was a disaster

Mass Alpine Glacier Loss ~ Western N. America: (GRL):

World Economic Forum 2019 Risk Report:

The Global Risks Report 2019 (114 pg)

Analysis of Proposed EPA Policy (ERL):

The Affordable Clean Energy Rule and the Impact of Emissions Rebound on Carbon Dioxide and Criteria Air Pollutant Emissions

Changes to Global Tree Growth (Science):

Twentieth century redistribution in climatic drivers of global tree growth

Climate Endangers Arabica Coffee (Global Change Biology):

Least concern to endangered: Applying climate change projections profoundly influences the extinction risk assessment for wild Arabica coffee

Global Permafrost Warming (Nature):

Permafrost is warming at a global scale

InsideClimate News: Permafrost Is Warming Around the Globe, Study Shows. That's a Problem for Climate Change.

Bees in the City ~ UK Case Study (Nature):

A systems approach reveals urban pollinator hotspots and conservation opportunities

Trade-offs in Ag Sustainability (Nature):

The Environmental Costs & Benefits of High-Yield Farming

Continuing Record Ocean Temps (Adv. Atmos. Sciences):

2018 Continues Record Global Ocean Warming

Ocean Waves are Becoming Stronger (Nature):

A recent increase in global wave power as a consequence of oceanic warming

Antarctic Ice Sheet Loss & Sea-Level Rise (PNAS):

Four decades of Antarctic Ice Sheet mass balance from 1979–2017

Committed Warming Analysis (Nature):

Current fossil fuel infrastructure does not yet commit us to 1.5 °C warming

Book ~ Ireland Case Study of Climate Frames in the Press:

Climate Change, Politics and the Press in Ireland

Developing Sustainable Water & Energy Infrastructure (ERL):

Balancing clean water-climate change mitigation trade-offs

Carbon Processing in River Ecosystems (Science):

Global patterns and drivers of ecosystem functioning in rivers and riparian zones