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Impacts on California Ag (Agronomy):

Climate Change Trends and Impacts on California Agriculture: A Detailed Review

Cameroon Study ~ Central African Rainfall (Atmospheric Science Letters):

Projected trends of extreme rainfall events from CMIP5 models over Central Africa

CICERO Study ~ Non-Methane Compounds (Atmospheric Science Letters):

Lifetimes, direct and indirect radiative forcing, and global warming potentials of ethane (C2H6), propane (C3H8), and butane (C4H10)

National Geographic on Shrinking Lakes:

Some of the World's Biggest Lakes Are Drying Up. Here's Why.

Dust−Climate Feedbacks (PNAS):

In and out of glacial extremes by way of dust−climate feedbacks

Indian Monsoon Activity (PNAS):

Decline and poleward shift in Indian summer monsoon synoptic activity in a warming climate

Greenland's Intertidal Habitat (Marine Ecology Progress Series):

Rising air temperatures will increase intertidal mussel abundance in the Arctic

Editorial ~ Health of Amazonia (Science):

Amazon Tipping Point

Saiga Mortality (Science):

Saigas on the brink: Multidisciplinary analysis of the factors influencing mass mortality events

Popular Science Video (5 min):

Leiden U Master's Thesis ~ US Climate News:

Stuck In Denial versus Moving With Science: Climate Change Discourses and the Influence of the Denial Machine on Left and Right News Media

Barriers to US Public Engagement (Enviro Psychology):

Does reduced psychological distance increase climate engagement? On the limits of localizing climate change

US West Coast Sea-Level Rise (Science):

U.S. Pacific coastal wetland resilience and vulnerability to sea-level rise

Tropical Carbon Emissions (Nature):

21st Century drought-related fires counteract the decline of Amazon deforestation carbon emissions

Global Vegetation (Nature):

The mark of vegetation change on Earth’s surface energy balance

Warming Eastern Tropics (GRL):

Northern Galápagos corals reveal twentieth century warming in the eastern tropical Pacific

Linking Climate & Plant Extinction (Science):

Climate warming drives local extinction: Evidence from observation and experimentation

US Risk Communication (Royal Society):

Scientific risk communication about controversial issues influences public perceptions of scientists' political orientations and credibility

Changes In Antarctic Ice Flow (The Cryosphere):

(Download): Increased West Antarctic and unchanged East Antarctic ice discharge over the last 7 years

European Municipal Vulnerabilities (ERL):

Future heat-waves, droughts and floods in 571 European cities

LSE Event ~ US Academic: Thinking About Climate (84 Min):

OECD Energy Tax Report:

Taxing Energy Use 2018

Dutch Study ~ Non-State Actors Under Paris (GEC):

Integrated assessment of international climate mitigation commitments outside the UNFCCC

Mitigation & Adaptation under Paris (GEC):

Mapping states’ Paris climate pledges: Analysing targets and groups at COP 21

Projecting Sea-Level Rise (Nature):

Committed sea-level rise under the Paris Agreement and the legacy of delayed mitigation action

Susan Solomon Awarded Sweden's Crafoord Prize:

Professor of atmospheric chemistry honored for her contributions to atmospheric science

Kerry Emanuel Climate Primer:

Climate Science & Climate Risk: A Primer

Michael Mann Radio Interview (January 2018):

Living on Earth: Extreme Weather Likely to Increase

Analysis of Paris Targets (Science):

Unprecedented climate events: Historical changes, aspirational targets, and national commitments

Austrian Emissions (GEC):

Austria's Consumption-Based Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Identifying Sectoral Sources & Destinations

Study ~ Emissions Reductions - Sweden & UK (GEC):

Decoupling or delusion? Measuring emissions displacement in foreign trade

Latest John Cook Paper on Climate Denial (Royal Society of New South Wales):

Understanding and Countering Climate Science Denial

US Law Journal (2016) Article Analyzes Climate Politics, Receives Arizona State U Prize:

A Roadmap for Climate Change Policy

Emory Law Journal (2016): Energy Partnership

The Climate Communicating Mann:

Mann receives AAAS Award for public engagement with science

Quantifying Frequency & Magnitude of Extreme Floods (ERL):

Recent changes in extreme floods across multiple continents

Ocean Warming & Antarctic Krill (PLOS):

Impacts of rising sea temperature on krill increase risks for predators in the Scotia Sea

MIT Study ~ Assessing Climate Impacts (Nature):

Toward a Consistent Modeling Framework to Assess Multi-Sectoral Climate Impacts

Subseabed CO2 Reservoirs (Science):

CO2 leakage alters biogeochemical and ecological functions of submarine sands

North American Methane Measurement & Mitigation (Climate Policy):

Reducing fugitive methane emissions from the North American oil and gas sector: a proposed science-policy framework

US Urban Heat Islands (ERL):

Interactions between urban heat islands and heat waves

East Asian Extreme Temps (GRL):

Extreme High-Temperature Events Over East Asia in 1.5°C and 2°C Warmer Futures: Analysis of NCAR CESM Low-Warming Experiments

Accelerating Sea-Level Rise (PNAS):

Climate-change–driven accelerated sea-level rise detected in the altimeter era

insideClimate News: Sea Level Rise is Accelerating: 4 Inches Per Decade Possible by 2100

Permafrost (Yale Climate Connections):

The permafrost bomb is ticking

US Network TV Climate Coverage (Media Matters for America):

How broadcast TV networks covered climate change in 2017

Climate Ethics (WIREs):

Is adaptation reducing vulnerability or redistributing it?

Environmental humanities and climate change: understanding humans geologically and other life forms ethically

Report ~ Building Sustainable Cities (SEI):

Building Thriving, Low-Carbon Cities: An Overview of Policy Options for National Governments

U of Auckland Tuvalu Study (Nature):

Patterns of island change and persistence offer alternate adaptation pathways for atoll nations

Earth's Changing Water Cycle (Nature):

Precipitation variability increases in a warmer climate

Report ~ US Carbon Footprint (Dept. of Energy):

Annual Energy Outlook 2018

InsideClimate News: No Drop in U.S. Carbon Footprint Expected Through 2050, Energy Department Says

George Mason U Health Study (Current Enviromental Health Reports):

Health Implications of Climate Change: A review of the Literature about the Perceptions of the Public and Health Professionals

Freshwater Phosphorus Study (Water Resources Research):

Global Anthropogenic Phosphorus Loads to Freshwater and Associated Grey Water Footprints and Water Pollution Levels: A High-Resolution Global Study

Study ~ Coal-Fired Power Plants (ERL):

Reports of coal's terminal decline may be exaggerated

John Cook, et al. ~ Climate Misinfo (ERL):

Deconstructing climate misinformation to identify reasoning errors

Report ~ Legislative Toolkit (Climate Parliament):

Parliamentary Action on Renewable Energy (Re: Africa - But with Worldwide Relevance)

Study ~ Reduce Tropical Deforestation (ERL):

Cost-effectiveness of reducing emissions from tropical deforestation, 2016–2050

Thawing Permafrost Releases Mercury (GRL):

Permafrost Stores a Globally Significant Amount of Mercury

US Forest Service Vulnerability Report:

New England and northern New York forest ecosystem vulnerability assessment and synthesis: a report from the New England Climate Change Response Framework project

Tropical Forests (PLOS):

Climate change versus deforestation: Implications for tree species distribution in the dry forests of southern Ecuador

C2ES Report ~ US Infrastructure:

Policy Options for Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

Study ~ Communicating with Climate Imagery (WIREs Climate Change):

Public engagement with climate imagery in a changing digital landscape

Energy Post's Update on Renewables:

Rapid wind and solar cost declines keep pushing fossil fuels out. How far can they go?

Climate Feedback Media Analysis:

Most popular climate change stories of 2017 reviewed by scientists

Report ~ Mitigating Ag Emissions:

What's on the Table? Mitigating Agricultural Emissions While Achieving Food Security

California Report ~ Ocean Acidification:

Emerging Understanding of Seagrass and Kelp as an Ocean Acidification Management Tool in California

Declining Polar Bear Populations (Science):

High-energy, high-fat lifestyle challenges an Arctic apex predator, the polar bear

European River Flood Risk (Climate):

Multi-Model Projections of River Flood Risk in Europe under Global Warming

UK's Met Office ~ Warming Forecast:

2018 Decadal Forecast