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Guardian editors discuss the future of global climate change policy – Project podcast

Skepticism (PNAS):

Spatial heterogeneity of climate change as an experiential basis for skepticism

Extinctions (PLOS Biology):

Climate-Related Local Extinctions Are Already Widespread among Plant and Animal Species

Antarctica (Science):

Ocean heat drives rapid basal melt of the Totten Ice Shelf

Antilla Kellems: Book Review of Media and the Ecological Crisis (Public Understanding of Science):

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Book Review: Richard Maxwell, Jon Raundalen and Nina Lager Vestberg (eds), Media and the Ecological Crisis

Public Understanding of Science November 2016 25(8): 1023, doi:10.1177/0963662516670501

A diverse, well informed group of interdisciplinarians collaborate with academic editors based in Norway and the USA to explore an existential question: will we continue with unsound practices relating to communications technology and media production which run counter to balancing human culture with the natural world? Alternatively, are we capable of transforming global information and communication paradigms into more sustainable models?

Ocean Temps (Nature):

Annually resolved North Atlantic marine climate over the last millennium

Rainfall (Nature Climate Change):

The future intensification of  hourly precipitation extremes

Antarctica (PNAS):

Deglacial temperature history of West Antarctica