Liisa Kellems

MA: King's College London
BA: University of Washington
Association of American Geographers
International Environmental Communication Association

Liisa is an independent researcher living in Olympia, Washington.

Published Papers

Antilla, L. (2010) “Self-censorship and science: a geographical review of media coverage of climate tipping points,” Public Understanding of Science 19(2): 240-256

Antilla, L. (2005) “Climate of scepticism: US newspaper coverage of the science of climate change,” Global Environmental Change 15(4): 338-52

Book Reviews
Maxwell, et al., Media and the Ecological Crisis (2016) Public Understanding of Science 25(8): 1023

Almund, et al., Rethinking Climate Change Research (2016) Public Understanding of Science 25 (2): 262

Painter, Climate Change in the Media: Reporting Risk and Uncertainty (2014) Environmental Communication 8(4): 551-3

Boykoff, Who Speaks for the Planet? Making Sense of Media Reporting on Climate Change (2012) Science Communication 34(3): 429-30

Presentation at UN Conference on Climate Change

Open Letter to New York Times
Open Letter to Washington Post

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