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Runoff (Science):

Terrestrial discharges mediate trophic shifts and enhance methylmercury accumulation in estuarine biota

Toxic Algae (PNAS):

Climatic regulation of the neurotoxin domoic acid

Public Perceptions (Climatic Change):

Public perceptions of air pollution and climate change: different manifestations, similar causes, and concerns

Pre-Industrial Temps (AMS):

Estimating Changes in Global Temperature since the Pre-Industrial Period

European Environment Agency (EEA) Report:

Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2016

Sea Level Rise (NOAA):

Global & Regional Sea Level Rise Scenarios for US

Alley Wins Communication Award (AGU):

Richard B. Alley Receives 2016 Climate Communication Prize

Joe Romm:

US Media normalizing climate science denial

Misinformation (Global Challenges Journal):

Inoculating the Public against Misinformation about Climate Change

E.O. Wilson Interview:

E.O. Wilson on Half-Earth, Donald Trump, and hope


Earth Sets a Temperature Record for the Third Straight Year

Heat waves (NOAA):

Scientists: Strong evidence that human-caused climate change intensified 2015 heat waves

Carbon Brief:

Analysis: The climate papers most featured in the media in 2016

Coral Reefs (Nature):

Local-scale projections of coral reef futures and implications of the Paris Agreement

NOAA Overview:

State of the Climate: National Overview for Annual 2016

Sea Surface Temps (Science):

Assessing recent warming using instrumentally homogeneous sea surface temperature records

Scientific American Interview:

Yes, Some Extreme Weather Can Be Blamed on Climate Change


The year in tropical rainforests: 2016

Washington Tribes (Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission):

Climate Change and Our Natural Resources: A Report from the Treaty Tribes in Western Washington

From Stockholm Resilience Center:

Regime Shifts DataBase