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UC Santa Barbara Beach Ecosystem Research:

Local scale processes drive long-term change in biodiversity of sandy beach ecosystems

Deforestation (ERL):

Impacts of land use on climate and ecosystem productivity over the Amazon and the South American continent

Lake Study (Nature):

Amplified surface temperature response of cold, deep lakes to inter-annual air temperature variability

InsideClimate News: Climate Change Drives Lakes Toward Ecological Tipping Points

Study ~ Online Climate Discussion (Journal of Science Communication):

Discussing Climate Change Online. Topics and Perceptions in Online Climate Change Communication in Different Online Public Arenas

UK Rainfall Study (ERL):

Global meteorological influences on the record UK rainfall of winter 2013–14

PLOS Fisheries Research:

Climate change and marine fisheries: Least developed countries top global index of vulnerability

PNAS Clean Energy Study:

Evaluation of a proposal for reliable low-cost grid power with 100% wind, water, and solar

Greenland Study (GRL):

Mass transport waves amplified by intense Greenland melt and detected in solid Earth deformation

Antarctic Study (Current Biology):

Widespread Biological Response to Rapid Warming on the Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Research (Nature):

January 2016 extensive summer melt in West Antarctica favoured by strong El Niño

Climate Home:

Sweden passes climate law to become carbon neutral by 2045

Tropics Study (Nature):

Tightening of tropical ascent and high clouds key to precipitation change in a warmer climate

LSE Report on Climate Economics:

The impacts of environmental regulations on competitiveness

LSE Commentary: A large body of academic studies suggest climate change policies have had only a very small impact on competitiveness

Flooding (ERL):

Amplification of flood frequencies with local sea level rise and emerging flood regimes

bioGraphic (CA Academy of Sciences) story on Arctic:

On Thin Ice

Colombian Study (Oxford Research Encyclopaedias):

Climate Change Communication in Colombia