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Report From US Watchdog Group Energy and Policy Institute:

Utilities Knew: Documenting Electric Utilities' Early Knowledge and Ongoing Deception on Climate Change from 1968-2017

Report ~ US Forests & Climate:

The Great American Stand: US Forests & the Climate Emergency

Canadian Methane Emissions (Nature):

Strong geologic methane emissions from discontinuous terrestrial permafrost in the Mackenzie Delta, Canada

Public Knowledge of Marine Climate Change Issues (Frontiers):

Ten Thousand Voices on Marine Climate Change in Europe: Different Perceptions among Demographic Groups and Nationalities

African Wild Dog Study in the Journal of Animal Ecology:

Hot dogs: High ambient temperatures impact reproductive success in a tropical carnivore

Maize Study (ERL):

Using climate model simulations to assess the current climate risk to maize production

MIT Northern Eurasia Report:

A Review of and Perspectives on Global Change Modeling for Northern Eurasia

James Hansen, et al. (Earth System Dynamics):

Young People's Burden: Requirement of Negative CO2 Emissions

AGU Book:

Climate Extremes: Patterns and Mechanisms

E&E News on Larsen C:

5 Things to Know about the Trillion-Ton Iceberg

Report on Rising Greenhouse Gases:

NOAA Annual Greenhouse Gas Index (AGGI)

NYT: Climate-Altering Gases Spiked in 2016, Federal Scientists Report

Report ~ Asia & the Pacific:

A Region at Risk: The Human Dimensions of Climate Change in Asia and the Pacific

PNAS Mass Extinction Study:

Biological annihilation via the ongoing sixth mass extinction signaled by vertebrate population losses and declines

US Ag (Earth's Future):

MIT Newsletter:

Global Changes Spring 2017

Sahel (Earth System Dynamics):

Non-linear intensification of Sahel rainfall as a possible dynamic response to future warming

Limnology and Oceanography Letters ~ Carbon & Oceans Study:

How have recent temperature changes affected the efficiency of ocean biological carbon export?

MIT Press Release: Rising temperatures are curbing ocean’s capacity to store carbon

Media Coverage of Paris Conference (Climatic Change):

Global issue, developed country bias: the Paris climate conference as covered by daily print news organizations in 13 nations

Climate Sensitivity Study (Science):

Slow climate mode reconciles historical and model-based estimates of climate sensitivity