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Antarctica Warming Study (Current Biology):

Warming by 1°C Drives Species and Assemblage Level Responses in Antarctica’s Marine Shallows

Studies on Electricity Consumption (PNAS):

Europe: North–south polarization of European electricity consumption under future warming

US: Climate change is projected to have severe impacts on the frequency and intensity of peak electricity demand across the United States

US Emissions Study (GRL):

Considerable contribution of the Montreal Protocol to declining greenhouse gas emissions from the United States

Decreasing Fish Body Size (Global Change Biology):

Sound physiological knowledge and principles in modeling shrinking of fishes under climate change

Coal Transition Report:

Lessons from Previous Coal Transitions

Book (John Hopkins U Press):

The Carbon Code: How You Can Become a Climate Change Hero

Agricultural Soil Carbon Study (PNAS):

Soil carbon debt of 12,000 years of human land use

ExxonMobil Climate Knowledge (ERL):

Assessing ExxonMobil's climate change communications (1977–2014)

Clean Energy Study Published in New Journal Joule:

100% Clean and Renewable Wind, Water, and Sunlight All-Sector Energy Roadmaps for 139 Countries of the World

NGO Norwegian Oil Report:

The Sky's Limit Norway; Why Norway Should Lead the Way in a Managed Decline of Oil & Gas Extraction

Antarctica Study (Nature):

Decadal ecosystem response to an anomalous melt season in a polar desert in Antarctica

Seattle Times:

Citizen scientists track effects of climate change in the Northwest     

Mike Hulme, et al. (Environmental Communication):

Beyond Counting Climate Consensus

Tropical Deforestation Report:

Collaboration toward zero deforestation; Aligning corporate and national commitments in Brazil and Indonesia

Ag Study (Nature):

Major agricultural changes required to mitigate phosphorus losses under climate change

InsideClimate News:

How Congress Is Cementing Trump's Anti-Climate Orders into Law

European Extreme Weather Study (The Lancet):

Increasing risk over time of weather-related hazards to the European population: a data-driven prognostic study

South Asian Heat Waves (Science):

Deadly heat waves projected in the densely populated agricultural regions of South Asia

South American Drought (Nature):

Unprecedented drought over tropical South America in 2016: significantly under-predicted by tropical SST

Met Office Report:

State of the UK Climate

UK Rainfall (Nature):

High risk of unprecedented UK rainfall in the current climate

Santer, et al. on US Snowpack (Nature):

Large near-term projected snowpack loss over the western United States