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From Sweden's Global Challenges Foundation (GCF):

Annual Report on Global Risks

Eurasian Cold Extremes Study (AMS):

More-Persistent Weak Stratospheric Polar Vortex States Linked to Cold Extremes

US Action Analysis:

The Economic Case for Climate Action in the United States

Livestock Emissions Study (Carbon Balance and Management):

Revised methane emissions factors and spatially distributed annual carbon fluxes for global livestock

World Weather Attribution (WWA) Summer Temps Report:

Euro-Mediterranean Heat — Summer 2017

Book (New Internationalist):

The Climate Majority Apathy and Action in an Age of Nationalism

From the Weather Channel on Latest Antarctic Glacier Loss:

Iceberg Four Times the Size of Manhattan Just Broke From an Antarctic Glacier, Fueling Concerns of Runaway Ice Retreat

From Montana Universities:

Montana Climate Assessment

Mass Extinction (Science):

Thresholds of catastrophe in the Earth system


Enviromedics: The Impact of Climate Change on Human Health

EU Floods (Risk Analysis):

Insurance, Public Assistance, and Household Flood Risk Reduction: A Comparative Study of Austria, England, and Romania

InsideClimate News:

[US] Energy Forecast Sees Global Emissions Growing, Thwarting Paris Climate Accord

International Energy Outlook 2017

Reuters Reports New Int'l Climate Alliance (P4G):

Denmark launches global alliance for action on climate change


August 2017 was second warmest on record

Wildfire Book:

Megafire: The Race to Extinguish a Deadly Epidemic of Flame

Senator Whitehouse NYT Opinion:

Congress and Climate Change

Decline of Cold Regions (Nature):

Statistical modelling predicts almost complete loss of major periglacial processes in Northern Europe by 2100

Press Release: Cold region 'tipping point' now inevitable

New Flannery Book:

Sunlight and Seaweed

Audubon Report:

State of the Birds: Massachusetts Birds and Our Changing Climate

Opinion (Yale Environment 360):

Taking the Long View: The ‘Forever Legacy’ of Climate Change

Flooding on North America's Eastern Seaboard (Nature):

Nuisance Flooding and Relative Sea-Level Rise: the Importance of Present-Day Land Motion

NYT Editorial Board:

President Trump’s War on Science

Deforestation Research (ERL):

Are the impacts of land use on warming underestimated in climate policy?

WaPo Investigation (Myron Ebell & other deniers):

A two-decade crusade by conservative charities fueled Trump’s exit from Paris climate accord

More on Ebell at this blog: 2006A, 2006B, 2012 
Plus: ExxonSecrets

Opinion in Forbes:

Houston, We've Got A Problem. It's Called Global Warming.

U. of Zurich Researchers Study Biodiversity in Switzerland (PNAS):

Biodiversity promotes primary productivity and growing season lengthening at the landscape scale

Examination of Erroneous Climate Studies (Theoretical and Applied Climatology):

Learning from mistakes in climate research

Loss of Sierra Nevada Pika (PLOS):

Apparent climate-mediated loss and fragmentation of core habitat of the American pika in the Northern Sierra Nevada, California, USA

Book (Springer):

Climate Change and Rocky Mountain Ecosystems

Caspian Sea Study (GRL):

Long-term Caspian Sea level change

Jordon Drought Study (Science):

Increasing drought in Jordan: Climate change and cascading Syrian land-use impacts on reducing transboundary flow

PBS NewsHour Interviewed Climate Scientists on Hurricane Harvey: