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Rising Seas & Archaeological Sites (PLOS):

Sea-level rise and archaeological site destruction: An example from the southeastern United States using DINAA (Digital Index of North American Archaeology)

Washington State Issues Toxic Cleanup Report:

Adaptation Strategies for Resilient Cleanup Remedies: a Guide for Cleanup Project Managers to Increase the Resilience of Toxic Cleanup Sites to the Impacts from Climate Change

Study ~ Denial Blogging (BioScience):

Internet Blogs, Polar Bears, and Climate-Change Denial by Proxy

Groundwater Study (Earth's Future):

Groundwater Depletion: A Significant Unreported Source of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

Study ~ Record Breaking Temps (Earth's Future):

Attributing Changing Rates of Temperature Record Breaking to Anthropogenic Influences

Climate Strategies Report ~ Trade Agreements:

Tracking Fossil Fuel Subsidies through International Trade Agreements

Food Security (Nature):

A multi-country assessment of factors related to smallholder food security in varying rainfall conditions

Soil Research (Nature):

Anaerobic microsites have an unaccounted role in soil carbon stabilization

UK Mitigation Report:

Multiple benefits from climate change mitigation: assessing the evidence

Freshwater Methane (Nature):

Cross continental increase in methane ebullition under climate change

MIT Newsletter:

Global Changes

Peatlands ~ UNEP Report:

Smoke on Water – countering global threats from peatland loss and degradation

Routledge Communication Books:

Environmental Communication and Critical Coastal Policy: Communities, Culture and Nature

Journalism & Climate Crisis: Public Engagement, Media Alternatives

US Attitudes (Annual Review of Political Science):

Climate Change: US Public Opinion

More from this Journal:
Social Movement Theory & the Prospects for Climate Change Activism in the US

Euro Energy Policy (ERL):

Public opinion and environmental policy output: a cross-national analysis of energy policies in Europe

World Water Council & Morocco Gov Report:

Water & Climate Blue Book (2017)

The Carbon Cycle (Nature):

Implications of improved representations of plant respiration in a changing climate

Fisheries Study (Marine Policy):

Future marine ecosystem drivers, biodiversity, and fisheries maximum catch potential in Pacific Island countries and territories under climate change

Rate of Warming (Nature):

A real-time Global Warming Index


Sea-Level Rise (Science):

Should coastal planners have concern over where land ice is melting?

Briefing from Carbon Action Tracker (CAT):

Warming Projections Global Update 2017

Amazon Forests (Nature):

Impact of deforestation and climate on the Amazon Basin’s above-ground biomass during 1993–2012

Australian Report on Urban Forests:

Risks to Australia's Urban Forest from Climate Change & Urban Heat

Urban Trees (Nature):

Climate change accelerates growth of urban trees in metropolises worldwide

MIT's Kerry Emanuel on Hurricanes (PNAS):

Assessing the present and future probability of Hurricane Harvey’s rainfall

International Report on Renewable Power:

Global Energy System based on 100% Renewable Energy – Power Sector

Hot Summers (Earth's Future):

Recent Very Hot Summers in Northern Hemispheric Land Areas Measured by Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Will be the Norm Within 20 Years

Warning Letter (Bioscience):

World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice

Report ~ World Heritage Sites (International Union for Conservation of Nature - IUCN):

2017 World Heritage Conservation Outlook

Phys.Org: Climate change imperils one in four natural heritage sites: report


Media and Global Climate Knowledge: Journalism and the IPCC

Climate Journalism (Oxford Research Encyclopedias):

Shifting Roles of Science Journalists Covering Climate Change

Caspian Sea (Central Asian Journal of Water Research):

Influence of Climate Change on the Ice Regime of the Caspian Sea

Book Review:

California Goes Green: A Roadmap to Climate Leadership

Giant Sequoias (Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences):

Emerging stress and relative resiliency of Giant Sequoia groves experiencing multi-year dry periods in a warming climate

UNHCR Report:

A Toolbox: Planning Relocations to Protect People from Disasters & Environmental Change

Case Study ~ S. Korea, China & India Forests (Climate & Land Use Alliance):

Large Scale Forestation for Climate Mitigation

Woods Hole Research Center Climate Stabilization Policy Brief:

Forests & Land Use

Fracking Survey (ERL):

Variation in beliefs about 'fracking' between the UK and US

UN University Report:

The Role of Insurance in Integrated Disaster & Climate Risk Management

Zillow Report ~ US Residential Areas:

Climate Change and Homes: Who Would Lose the Most to a Rising Tide?

Risk Analysis:

World Risk Report 2017

Tyndall Report:

Natural Gas & Climate Change

Analysis ~ Paris Agreement Risk Categories (PNAS):

Well below 2 °C: Mitigation strategies for avoiding dangerous to catastrophic climate changes

Short Video ~ Barrell Graph:


Temps of Nairobi Settlements (PLOS):

Temperature and heat in informal settlements in Nairobi

Totten Ice Shelf, Antarctica (Science):

Wind causes Totten Ice Shelf melt and acceleration

Adaptation Study (Regional Environmental Change):

A systematic review of research on climate change adaptation policy and practice in Africa and South Asia deltas

US Releases:

Climate Science Special Report

Adaptation Report (C2ES):

Adapting to Climate Change: A Business Approach

Progress Report on Paris Agreement (NRDC):

Issue Brief;    Brazil;    Canada;    China;    EU;    India;    Japan;    Mexico;    US.

Report ~ Banks & Tar Sands (Sierra Club, et al.):

Funding Tar Sands: Private Banks vs. the Paris Climate Agreement

Study ~ Past Ocean Temps (Nature):

Burial-induced oxygen-isotope re-equilibration of fossil foraminifera explains ocean paleotemperature paradoxes

Phys.Org: The oceans were once colder than previously believed

Report from Environmental Justice Foundation (UK):

Beyond Borders: Our Changing Climate - its Role in Conflict & Discplacement

Study ~ Pathogens in Surface Waters (Nature):

Climate change-induced increases in precipitation are reducing the potential for solar ultraviolet radiation to inactivate pathogens in surface waters

India's Methane Contribution (Nature):

Atmospheric observations show accurate reporting and little growth in India’s methane emissions

Report from Climate Policy Initiative (CPI):

Global Landscape of Climate Finance 2017

Forests & Carbon (PNAS):

Early snowmelt significantly enhances boreal springtime carbon uptake

Fisheries & Rising Sea Temps (Nature):

Impact of Ocean Warming on Sustainable Fisheries Management Informs the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries