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NYT Video ~ 2017 Superstorms & Wildfires (6 min):

European Report ~ Building Climate Resilience:

Green infrastructure and flood management

EU Power Report:

The European Power Sector 2017

Mitigation Essay (Climatic Change):

Beyond headline mitigation numbers: we need more transparent and comparable NDCs to achieve the Paris Agreement on climate change

Record-Breaking Surface Temps (GRL):

Big Jump of Record Warm Global Mean Surface Temperature in 2014–2016 Related to Unusually Large Oceanic Heat Releases

Study ~ Climate News (Frontiers):

Our House Is Burning: Discrepancy in Climate Change vs. Biodiversity Coverage in the Media as Compared to Scientific Literature

Herbivore Study (JAMES):

Integrating Herbivore Population Dynamics Into a Global Land Biosphere Model: Plugging Animals Into the Earth System

Review ~ Energy Transition (Energy Research & Social Science):

Ten essentials for action-oriented and second order energy transitions, transformations and climate change research

Sierra Nevada Forests (BioScience):

Drought, Tree Mortality, and Wildfire in Forests Adapted to Frequent Fire

IRENA Clean Power Report:

Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2017

Submit Questions to UNFCCC:

Climate Home: UN makes open call for ideas on fighting climate change

UN Portal

Pentagon Report ~ Climate Risks to Military Bases:

Initial Vulnerability Assessment

Shrinking Arthropods (Journal of Animal Ecology):

Decreases in beetle body size linked to climate change and warming temperatures

Heatwave Study (Earth's Future):

Global, Regional, and Megacity Trends in the Highest Temperature of the Year: Diagnostics and Evidence for Accelerating Trends

California Vegetation (Ecosphere):

The impact of climate change uncertainty on California's vegetation and adaptation management

Peatlands Study (Mitigation & Adaptation Strategies for Global Change):

Congo Basin peatlands: threats and conservation priorities

Vanderbilt U Report:

Education & Risk Assessments Predict Climate Change Concerns in Latin America & the Caribbean

High Mountain Asia (Science):

Changes in seasonal snow water equivalent distribution in High Mountain Asia (1987 to 2009)

Chilean Drought (Sustainability):

Local Perception of Drought Impacts in a Changing Climate: The Mega-Drought in Central Chile

Climate Change & Glacial Archaeology (Royal Society):

The chronology of reindeer hunting on Norway's highest ice patches

Western US Snowmelt (PNAS):

Humidity determines snowpack ablation under a warming climate

Southeast Asia Report (Assoc.of SE Nations):

Fifth ASEAN State of the Environment Report

Press Release (SEI)

RealClimate Response to Highly Cited Sensitivity Study:

The claim of reduced uncertainty for equilibrium climate sensitivity is premature

EDGI Report ~ Trump on Climate:

Changing the Digital Climate: How Climate Change Web Content is Being Censored Under the Trump Administration

Food Insecurity in the Andes (Global Change Biology):

Global Climate Change Increases Risk of Crop Yield Losses and Food Insecurity in the Tropical Andes

AGU Award:

Stefan Rahmstorf Receives 2017 Climate Communication Prize

European Adaptation (GEC):

Escalating impacts of climate extremes on critical infrastructures in Europe

Adaptation to climate change? Why business-as-usual remains the logical choice in Swedish forestry

US Psychological Impact Study (GEC):

Differentiating environmental concern in the context of psychological adaption to climate change

Arctic Cold-Adapted Mammals (Nature):

Climate Degradation and Extreme Icing Events Constrain Life in Cold-Adapted Mammals

2017 Global Temps (NASA & NOAA):

Long-Term Warming Trend Continued in 2017: NASA, NOAA

Chris Mooney (WaPo): The planet just had its hottest 4 years in recorded history. Trump is dismantling efforts to fight climate change.

Study ~ Climate Compatible Development (Sustainability):

Socially Just Triple-Wins? A Framework for Evaluating the Social Justice Implications of Climate Compatible Development

Climate Impacts on Birds (The Condor: Ornithological Applications):

Using occupancy modeling to monitor dates of peak vocal activity for passerines in California

Impacts of Deforestation (Nature):

Impact on short-lived climate forcers increases projected warming due to deforestation

World Economic Forum 2018 Risk Report:

The Global Risks Report 2018

Bank of England ~ Working Paper on Climate Economics:

Climate change and the macro-economy: a critical review

Wood Bioenergy Study (ERL):

Does Replacing Coal With Wood Lower CO2 Emissions? Dynamic Lifecycle Analysis of Wood Bioenergy

North Atlantic Jet Stream Study (Nature):

Recent enhanced high-summer North Atlantic Jet variability emerges from three-century context

Climate Twitter (Science Communication):

The Influence of Temperature on #ClimateChange and #GlobalWarming Discourses on Twitter

Gendered Policy Discourse (GEC):

Gendered discourse about climate change policies

Media Study by Public Citizen (US):

Carbon Omission: How the U.S. Media Underreported Climate Change in 2017

New LSE Book:

Trends in Climate Change Legislation

Reuters on Draft UN Report:

Warming set to breach Paris accord's toughest limit by mid century: draft

Global Sea-Level Rise (ERL):

Global mean sea-level rise in a world agreed upon in Paris

Boreal Forest Microclimates (Agricultural & Forest Meteorology):

Monthly microclimate models in a managed boreal forest landscape

Farmland Birds at Risk (Biological Conservation):

Stronger Response of Farmland Birds Than Farmers to Climate Change Leads to the Emergence of an Ecological Trap

Global Flood Risk (Science):

Adaptation required to preserve future high-end river flood risk at present levels

Vulnerable Freshwater Ecosystems (Current Biology):

Rising pCO2 in Freshwater Ecosystems Has the Potential to Negatively Affect Predator-Induced Defenses in Daphnia

U of Colorado Media Report:

A Review of Media Coverage of Climate Change & Global Warming in 2017

Marine Food Chains (PLOS):

Climate change could drive marine food web collapse through altered trophic flows and cyanobacterial proliferation

State of Alaska Report on Climate & Health:

Assessment of the Potential Health Impacts of Climate Change in Alaska

Sea Turtle Study (Current Biology):

Environmental Warming & Feminization of One of the Largest Sea Turtle Populations in the World

NOAA Scorekeeper Report:

U.S. Billion-Dollar Weather and Climate Disasters

Annual Climate Magazine ~ Climate Home / Responding to Climate Change (RTCC):

Respond 2018

From (European) Copernicus Climate Change Service:

2017 Extends Period of Exceptionally Warm Years, First Complete Datasets Show

Alister Doyle (Reuters)~2017 was second hottest year on record, after sizzling 2016: report

WMO Reports:

Statement on State of Climate in 2017

Commentary ~ Improving Emissions Verification (Nature):

Towards Real-Time Verification of CO2 Emissions

The Changing Arctic Ocean (Science):

Increased fluxes of shelf-derived materials to the central Arctic Ocean

Methane Emissions (Nature):

Reduced biomass burning emissions reconcile conflicting estimates of the post-2006 atmospheric methane budget

Warping of Ocean Floor (GRL):

Ocean Bottom Deformation Due To Present-Day Mass Redistribution and Its Impact on Sea Level Observations

Legacy v. Digital-Born Media Coverage (GEC):

How "Digital-Born" Media Cover Climate Change in Comparison to Legacy Media: A Case Study of the COP 21 Summit in Paris