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Book on Lyme Disease:

Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change

Adaptation by Vulnerable Pacific Island Communities (Climate Risk Management):

Climate-Related Community Knowledge Networks as a Tool to Increase Learning in the Context of Environmental Change

Trenberth et al. ~ Supercharged Hurricanes (Earth's Future):

Hurricane Harvey links to Ocean Heat Content and Climate Change Adaptation

Report ~ Clean US Transportation:

Electric Buses: Clean Transportation for Healthier Neighborhoods and Cleaner Air (48 pg)

Mangrove Forests & Mitigation (ERL):

A global map of mangrove forest soil carbon at 30 m spatial resolution

Study ~ Bioenergy Power Plants (ERL):

Not carbon neutral: Assessing the net emissions impact of residues burned for bioenergy

Migrating Sierra Nevada Tree Species & Changes to Watersheds (PNAS):

Integrating effects of species composition and soil properties to predict shifts in montane forest carbon–water relations

Intensification of California's Hydrological Cycle (Nature):

Increasing Precipitation Volatility in 21st-Century California

US Black Bear Hibernation Study (J. of Applied Ecology):

Human Development & Climate Affect Hibernation in a Large Carnivore with Implications for Human-Carnivore Conflicts

Marine Species ~ Reversals in Dominance (Ecology):

The Duality of Ocean Acidification as a Resource & a Stressor

Deforestation & Local Temps (Nature):

Historical Deforestation Locally Increased the Intensity of Hot Days in Northern Mid-Latitudes

Methane & Freshwater Lakes (Nature):

Climate-driven shifts in sediment chemistry enhance methane production in northern lakes

Arabian Gulf ~ Vulnerable Marine Life (PLOS):

Climate change impacts on marine biodiversity, fisheries and society in the Arabian Gulf

Lancet Article ~ UK's Climate Change Act:

The Lancet Countdown on health benefits from the UK Climate Change Act: a modelling study for Great Britain

US Gov Report ~ Rise in Vectorborne Diseases (CDC):

2 Studies ~ Risks to Vulnerable Human Populations:

ERL: Global Predictability of Temperature Extremes

Science: Climate models predict increasing temperature variability in poor countries

And ... WaPo reports: A City in Pakistan May Have Just Endured the Hottest April Temperature Ever Observed on Earth

Global Freshwater-Related Hazards (ERL):

Risks for the global freshwater system at 1.5 °C and 2 °C global warming

European Mitigation & Adaptation Plans (J. of Cleaner Production):

How are cities planning to respond to climate change? Assessment of local climate plans from 885 cities in the EU-28

The Great Pika of the US Great Basin (Arctic, Antarctic, & Alpine Research):

Distribution, climatic relationships, and status of American pikas in the Great Basin, USA