Myths from Michaels:

In yet another response to the infamous Wall Street Journal piece, "No Need to Panic about Global Warming" (see below 2/1/12 posting), Forbes.com has published the delusions of legendary climate crank (and regular Forbes contributor) Patrick Michaels: "What Happens When You Rub Two Climatologists Together?" For background on Patrick Michaels, see:
 DeSmogBlog.com: "Disinformation Database - Patrick Michaels"
 ExxonSecrets.org: "Factsheet: Patrick J. Michaels"

 Green Blog, New York Times: "Waxman Presses Climate Skeptic [Patrick Michaels] on Industry Funds"

 PRWatch: "The Cato Institute's Generous Funding of Patrick Michaels"

 Climate Science Watch: "Pat Michaels, Virginia 'State Climatologist?' A critical perspective on the issues"

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